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The Steps in a Professional Processâ„ 

STEP 1 - What's MOST IMPORTANT to you?

This really is just me asking you a lot of questions where we discuss and clarify where you really want to focus your resources. Your resources are certainly not just your financial assets but include your time, your gifts, your skills, your passions,.... Financial Planning is really just taking what you have and doing the most with it.

Examples of WHAT:

  • More time with family now
  • Traveling sooner
  • Manage affairs professionally
  • Bringing a passion to life
  • Less worrying about finances
  • More confidence in ability to change jobs, have children, move....

STEP 2 - HOW can your goals be funded?

This is where a good advisor's creativity, knowledge and access shines

Examples of HOW:

  • Active or passive portfolios
  • CDs
  • Beneficiary education
  • Retirement income strategies
  • Multi-generational planning
  • One-page or complex financial plans
  • Charitable giving plans
  • Hedging strategies.

Keep in mind no strategy assures success or protects against loss in periods of declining values.

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