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Business Financial Advisor

Since your business is the center of your financial world, and your investment portfolio is only a piece of the puzzle, would you like to have an advisor that is as focused on your whole financial realm as you are?

Business owners have unique needs. Needs that are in contradiction to what financial advisors are trained and compensated to do.

With a bachelors degree from the one of the best college in Entrepreneurship in the country as a foundation and years of experience in many different industries, I have a unique perspective and ability.

Cash and debt management are probably more important than what your financial advisor is focused on. Your advisor ought to consider your equipment and real estate and business potential and human resources in your asset allocation and risk management. Your advisor should not be so much more interested in the sale of the company as in developing a succession plan or in tax management plans that include charitable options.

Let's talk about arrangements that put an advisor on your side of the table and who delivers ideas that go well beyond what any financial advisor firm offers. 

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