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Allies 21

Allies 21

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Seeing no need to reinvent the wheel and seeing missing links in what is offered to investors and people looking for financial planning guidance I have created Allies 21. I am a financial advisor to my core clients and as we find ways to outsource to better firms parts of what I do for them I am freeing up time. With that time I am adding more business owner clients who can benefit from my unique ability to merge entrepreneurial thinking and knowledgable financial advice.

As an advisor I'm regularly getting questions that should be answered by the person's current advisor. To better answer them I created a way to efficiently serve their needs as they, their current advisors and I work together as Financial Allies. These relationships are beneficial to us both in that I bring a fresh set of eyes and new ideas to them and their advisors, also when I see what their advisors are doing I have new ideas to bring back to my clients. It is a win-win-win-win for clients and advisors.

Basically, I am working with business owners and clients while looking for a few Allies. 

I invite you to check out all the material on my website. If something prompts a question, please send me a quick email or call my office. I would enjoy speaking with you.

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